August 19

Florida Man Challenge August 19

A Florida man known as “Captain Bubble” was rescued for the 3rd and probably last time today as he was attempting to float to Bermuda.

Reza Baluchi has had a life time goal of being able to float to the tropical island, attempting 2 times in the past. In both instances the man was rescued by the coast guard before he was able to make it to his destination.

The first time the man attempted the float he made it 70 miles off the shore, the second time he made it about 90 miles. If at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying!

In Other News

Another Florida man was arrested and is facing charges after he beat an 8 year old boy and threatened to feed him to alligators. The boy told police that the man took him to the pond near their home where he made the threat.

The man did not deny that he threatened the boy but that he was joking when the threats were made.