April 1

Florida man facing charges after firing at roofers who interrupted his argument

Florida Man Challenge April 1

When will people learn to mind their own business? A Florida man was arrested after shooting at roofers for interrupting an argument that he was having with his girlfriend.

The man, Mariano Hernandez, was arguing with his girlfriend when roofers were laying shingles at a neighboring property and overheard the argument.

He apparently felt interrupted, and freaked out on the roofer. Hernandez started yelling at him to not “look at his girl” and to “mind his own business.”

The enraged Florida Man then ran over to the ladder that the roofer was still climbing down and threw a nearby gas can at him. He started shaking the ladder, trying to knock the roofer off.

The roofer quickly climbed up the ladder before Hernandez could push it over. The roofers told the man to leave, and he did for a short time. Before returning with a hand gun and firing shots at them.

Luckily no one was hurt. The police were able to locate Hernandez and he’s facing charges including attempted homicide, firing a weapon in public or residential property and criminal mischief