Ana Nobles | Florida Woman August 28

Ana Nobles Gets Arrested After Spanking Child For Not Picking Up Roach, Yells “I Hate You” | August 28

Pinellas: A Florida woman spanked a seven-year-old in her care with a leather belt after the child refused to pick up a cockroach. According to an arrest report, Ana Nobles, 29, took one of the child’s father’s belts after the child did not abide by her request.

She is accused of spanking the child around eight times before taking off the child’s pants and underwear and hitting the child’s bare butt with her hand while saying, “I hate you.”

The child was left with bruises on her buttocks, arm, and thigh, deputies say. 

Nobles then left the child unattended for an hour while she went to the dog groomers, according to the arrest report. She came back to apologize for saying “I hate you.”

Ana Nobles was arrested and charged with child abuse and neglect.

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