Adianel Torna Morales | Florida Man June 23

Adianel Torna Morales Threatened Co-Workers With A Fillet Knife, Strips Naked And Passes Out | June 23

Conch Key: Booze and folks in Florida clearly do not mix. While some people drink one or two on the job to relax, Florida man Adianel Torna Morales took that level of drunkenness to the next level.

According to reports, Adianel Torna Morales threatened his co-workers with a fillet knife, got naked and resisted arrest on Friday night. Employees of the restaurant called the police about a drunk an disorderly man at Nichols Seafood Restaurant.

One of the workers said their co-worker Morales had been drinking at work, became belligerent and was asked to leave.

Morales caused $1,000 in damages to security cameras and even painted the screen of one camera with spray paint, according to witnesses. He reportedly threatened his co-workers with a fillet knife, which they were able to take from him, and then stripped naked and walked around the property.

Deputies found him passed out naked in the office, smelling of alcohol. They told him to get dressed so they could talk with him, but Torna Morales cursed at them and tried to slam the office door shut multiple times.

He finally complied and walked out of the office, but as deputies were putting him in a patrol car, he started kicking them and saying he wished for “death by cop.” He was tased and put in the back of the car. On the way to jail, he repeatedly bashed his head against the patrol car’s partition and had to be put in a restraint chair.

He is facing charges of disorderly intoxication, damaging property worth $1,000 or more, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.

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