September 28

Florida Man Challenge September 28 There’s really nothing worse than rape. This Florida Man took it up a notch when he thought being a cop would help out. Well not only will he go to jail, he won’t be serving it in Florida. Read the full story here

August 9

Florida Man Challenge August 9 A Florida man claimed that he was surrounded by cats and alligators before being arrested for murder. While being questioned the man became combative and had to be tasered after striking one of the officers. Read the full article here

August 8

Florida Man Challenge August 8 If you’ve ever gotten into a political argument with someone on Facebook you can probably agree how frustrating it can be. A Florida man took his rage to the next level when he shot a Facebook friend in the buttocks after a political argument. The assailant showed up at the […]

August 7

Florida Man Challenge August 7 A Florida man has been arrested as part of a multi state cyber fraud ring that was responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of cryptocurrency from victims. The man’s ruse was discovered when his mom called the police because she overheard him pretending to be an AT&T employee […]

August 31

Florida Man Challenge August 31 A Florida man has been arrested after giving his girlfriend a wet willy. The man’s girlfriend knew he was drunk when he called her at work and asked her to order a pizza. Later that day, when the woman and the man were in a vehicle, when they began arguing […]

August 30

Florida Man Challenge August 30 A Florida man supports a Florida man, who killed a Florida man for being a Florida man. In this twisted tale, a Florida sheriff is supporting the decision by Florida Uber driver Robert Westlake to shoot a man who cut him off, jumped out of his vehicle and claimed to […]

August 29

Florida Man Challenge August 29 A Florida man confessed to killing and eating 15 tortoises and had planned to eat 11 more. A concerned member of the public alerted Wildlife authorities after discovering tortoise shells in the woods just north of Tampa. The Wildlife officer investigated the area and found a box containing 11 tortoises […]

August 26

Florida Man Challenge August 26 A Florida man has been arrested after demanding cash and doughnuts from a local Krispy Kreme. Siwatu Wright entered a Krispy Kreme and approached the store clerk before making his demands. After the clerk refused to reply, the man asked again. The clerk got another employee who asked the man […]

August 25

Florida Man Challenge August 25 A Florida man thought female drivers are incompetent, so he shot at them while they were driving. The man thought that women were dim witted and their sole purpose is “to give birth to children”. In the most recent attack the man, Nicholas Dagostino, shot at a woman as she […]

August 24

Florida Man Challenge August 24 A Florida man, who was a fan of Christina rock bands like Creed, was arrested today after he threatened to cut his co worker with a box cutter for refusing the play the band’s music. Caleb Taylor Robinson grabbed a box cutter and threatened the man. The victim retreated to […]