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Florida man August 16 Ty Kelley

Florida Man Ty Kelley Arrested After Shoving Booze Down His Pants And Drinking It In Walmart Bathroom | August 16

Pinellas Park: A homeless man hid a bottle of wine in his pants, went into the bathroom and drank it all, then left without paying for it. According to an affidavit, Ty Kelley, 55, went to the Walmart on U.S. 19 on Wednesday afternoon and grabbed a bottle of Barefoot Riesling wine worth $6.98.

He stuck the bottle in his pants and went to the bathroom, where he drank the whole bottle, according to police. He then tossed the empty bottle in the trash and walked out without paying, police said.

However loss prevention officers saw the whole incident on camera and stopped the man before he was able to leave the store. He was held by LP officers until police arrived on scene.

Ty Kelley was arrested and charged with petit theft and remains in jail on $250 bail.

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