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Florida Man July 19 Travius Roberts

Travius Roberts Was Arrested After Choking Girlfriend, Throwing A Chair At Police, Yells “Come On White Cracker, Bring It” | July 19

Melbourne: Police responded to a home on Reverend Nathaniel L. Harris Street in reference to a disturbance. They met with a woman who told them about an argument with her boyfriend, who is also the father of their child. She said that her boyfriend, Travius Roberts, choked her to the point that she passed out for about 30 seconds. 

Roberts pushed her out of the house and choked her again. He then went back into the home and grabbed their daughter. He placed her in a vehicle, but the victim was able to get the child back out. 

Roberts left the scene and went to his mother’s residence on Williams Street. Police went there to speak with Roberts, who yelled “come on white crackers, bring it” and “I’m not going back to jail” upon arrival.

He confirmed he got into an argument with the victim and claimed that she punched him in the face and chest area. He admitted to pushing the victim but said that at no other time did he touch her.

Police said that they attempted to arrest Roberts, but he blocked the officer’s attempt. An officer and Roberts went into the residence together. The officer deployed his taser after Roberts broke free from his grasp. However, the taser attempt was not successful because Roberts threw a chair at the officer.

He attempted to flee out of the back door but his mom told police where he was.

Travius Roberts is being charged with domestic violence battery by strangulation, battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, resisting an officer without violence, and threats to do series bodily harm to a law enforcement officer. 

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